We are a full-service film production company from Berlin. We create films that move, inspire and bring people closer together. Let us tell your story, with you.

Life is a sum of stories. Meaningful narratives touch consciousness, create lasting value and shape culture.

COMMONVISION delivers versatile and cost-effective solutions with professional proactivity. Leveraging our global partner network, we handle all stages of film production end-to-end. We realise commercials, series, documentaries, music videos and photoshoots for industry-leading international clients.

Annika Hatje, Managing Director & Exec. Producer
Jaap Bräutigam, Finance & Strategy Director
Sophia Schneider, Production Assistant
Bastian Below, Production Trainee

Bringing your story to life is our aspiration, positive impact our foundation.

COMMONVISION is a team of open-minded individuals with intrinsic motivation to deliver your story in the highest possible quality. A focus on mutual trust and collaboration is at our core. Our project planning processes are characterised by conscious decision-making. A kind and friendly interaction with people and planet is our basic principle.